Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Twenty-seventh Day of OJT (Feb 3, 2010) "The Last Shot"

The aura today is kind of different because this is the last day of our On-the-Job training at I-Learn Technologies Incorporated. We're all in black today(parang nagluluksa pero hindi, hehe..) Although we do the things that we usually do whenever we enter our office, it makes us somewhat feel diverse while working. This is our last shot to work as an OJT or should I say as part of I-Learn Technologies Incorporated. We devote our time today for finishing all the books that we need to finish for printing purposes. We almost had an overtime just to cope with the deadline. While working, we took pictures in our office for remembrance. We also had a picture and video taking during our "food trip" moments.
I can say, I'm happy and fulfilled, being a part of I-Learn, I could probably say that I really learned a lot of things here. From the moment I set my feet on this place, i know I will be facing different challenges on being a part of this company but at the same time i know that i will learn new things regarding the possible work that I will be doing in the company. As days passed, I became a part of I-Learn just like a professional book editor. I enjoyed doing such work like content editing, grammar/proof reading and a lot of book-editing stuffs, even though sometimes it makes me and my co-OJT's feel pressured and exhausted after a whole day work. But whenever we see that our tasks are fulfilled, it makes us really happy and proud because it's our work, our own. We learned how to focus and be serious in working as we consider ourselves as a real employee in this company.
The whole OJT Experiences was really a great memory to remember. All the working days, over time nights, allowance "sweldo" day with malling, "the bar" day, lunch, dinner and all the food trips moments especially the ice cream moments, the "tawanan", "ang kapitbahay sabe ni yuki" days, "lakaran" nights with matching catnaping, and all the memorable days of On-the-Job training at I-Learn Technologies Incorporated will be a very significant moment to remember in my college life. Sa-Rap!(Saya at hiRap! hahaha.. ^_^)


Monday, February 1, 2010

Twenty-sixth Day of OJT (Feb 2, 2010) "Second to the Last Day"

Today is a pressure day for all of us. It is our second to the last days of our On-the-Job training here in I-Learn Technology Incorporated. Pressure because we have to finish three books in a row. It's really kind of strain for all of us. Our work, I can say, is really a serious job so we need to be serious too in terms of fulfilling our assigned task. So today, we set our minds on working hard and finishing what has to be finished and that was to focus on the three books. Today, I helped our layout editor yuki, in layouting some of the finished books and then after, Mam Beth and I, checked some of the lessons on the book's Table of Contents. We had an ice-cream and pandesal merienda for the day, and it did make us somewhat motivated. We work and work and work until we get home.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Twenty-fifth Day of OJT (Jan 30, 2010) "Dinosaur and Incentives"

I walked with my to co-OJT's today on the way to our office. Arriving, we had a "pandesal" breakfast. After that, we're all surprise to see that our working place had changed. Our units are arrange and we had our own places now to work on, more comfortably. After some fixings, we all focus ourselves on working. When lunch break came, we're all bewildered because of the "Dish for the day". The meat of the dish looks like a "dinosaur" for me because the texture of the meat is somewhat rough like of those dinosaurs or any reptiles and its really something that is unusual to prepare for. One thing about that dish, is that, it is colored white which is different to ordinary cooked meat which is pinkish or brownish. But because we're all hungry, we don't bother ourselves thinking what meat could that possibly be even though there are so some speculations what that thing is, in our minds. Later that lunch, we found out that the meat that is being serve with us is a "Carabao" meat. That was really surprising because we thought it is a kind of bird meat. Well, guessing is over at least we all know that it was a carabao meat. Then right after our "sumptuous" lunch, we had a choco-marble ice cream(coming from our shared incentives)together with our bosses, for our dessert. After that food trip, we go back to our working places and continue our work.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Twenty-fourth Day of OJT (Jan 26, 2010) "Lesson Making"

I had finished my work yesterday so I don't have any workload for today so I asked Joy, one of my co-OJTs if I could help her in her work. Since she has a lot of work to finish, she gave me one of her workload and that is about lesson making. The topic that has to do with it, is all about "Project Development". I decided to browse the net and some books in the office to be my resources while I'm working with the lesson. I focus myself on working and I'm definitely satisfied with my work. I feel like I'm a real author of the book. Event though its kind of pressure at first, still, I enjoyed my work and that ends my whole day of office work.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Twenty-third Day of OJT (Jan 25, 2010) "Over Time"

The day started well. As usual, after taking our breakfast for that day, I, together with my co-OJTs started our usual work routine. We have a new co-worker in the office so he work with us. After some updating and scanning in our workstations, we work on the books that we have to finish for a specific deadline. Each of us, have our own task to finish. We make ourselves busy to finish all our works. We work and work and work for so many hours. We almost forgot the time but we anticipated that today would be a super overtime for us so we just continue our workloads and wait until we get home.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Twenty-2nd Day of OJT (Jan 23, 2010) "What's the Decision?!"

I arrived at the office not that early but I think it doesn't matter because my other co-OJTs are not yet starting their work. We eat our breakfast then right after, we proceed on working. I started my work by checking the work of my other co-OJT regarding some of corrections I put on that particular book. While we're working, we had an unexpected meeting with our boss. Our big boss discuss us some few significant things regarding our work as an OJT. We talked about what will be happening for the next couple of days and we are in the middle of deciding regarding some important matters about our work. Even though our final decision would mirror a positive and negative effect, it really pressures us because our decision will involved not only us, but also the time that we will be devoting for some of our workload in school. It's really kind of head ache for all us but still we must continue working today to finish all the necessary tasks. I hope God will help us in making a right decision for all this.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Twenty-firsth Day of OJT (Jan 20, 2010) "Lot of Things to do"

I'm happy that I arrived in the office without the worry of being late because I manage to wake up early today because of an unexpected cellphone call coming from a special someone. Since its early, I decided to walk going to our office. After arriving, I started working together with my other co-OJTs. Thankfully, I had my unit today which is the laptop, so my work became easier. I also helped Samie, our grammar checker to checked all the chapters of the book that is being finalized especially on the grammar side and other important editing of the contents the book. After a long hours of working, we finished the assigned task for today and made our way home.